One model for my filmmaking in terms of both attitude and technique is Jean Rouch, founder of the “Cinéma vérité.” In his book Cine-ethnography, Rouch writes that “it is the ethnographer alone, to my mind, who really knows when, where, and how to film, in other words, to direct.” Just as Rouch took advantage of the portable sync-sound camera to make his work, I employ a one-person production style with minimal video equipment to make my stories

The Brick House in the Wind

Documentary, 10 min U.S.A. 2021

My wife and I came to the United States from South Korea 6 years ago. She and I were the only family members at that time but we have three children now. It is a short personal documentary about my family's life with three children as immigrants.


New Haven International Film Festival, 2021

​Big Muddy Film Festival, 2021

Short.Sweet.Film Fest, 2021

Award of Excellence (Faculty Micro Documentary Competition)
- The Broadcast Education Association-Festival of Media Arts, 2021

Becoming Taylor
Documentary, 8min U.S.A.
Taylor is a visually impaired girl who loves to practice basketball and to 'listen' to the game in a basketball court.

Bluenose Ability Arts & Film Festival, 2021
BEA Festival of Media Arts, 2020
- Award of Excellence (Faculty Micro Documentary Competition)
Columbus International Film and Animation Festival, 2020
People with Disabilities Film Festivals (South Korea), 2020

Written in Stone
Documentary, 18 min, South Korea, U.S.A.
Kumar and Uma are the child workers, who live at a stone quarry village in India. Both of them have unrealistic dream to escape from the quarry someday. The parent of both children doesn’t want to inherit any financial difficulties, but they need to hold their children’s hand to lead them to a quarry.

American Documentary Film Festival, 2019
- Academy Award Qualifying Category
Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2019
Austin Asian American Film Festival, 2019

- Special Mention for Documentary Short

Canton Film Festival, 2019
- Finalist: Short Documentary
Rochester International Film Festival, 2019
- Movies on a Shoestring Trophy
​Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, 2019

Talk to My Son
Documentary, 14 minutes, South Korea, U.S.A.
Kyung-hee, a barista in South Korea, is a North Korean defector and she left her son in China 13 years ago. With the help of a filmmaker, she records her voice for her son to explain the story of his birth and why she had to leave him. In this situation, the filmmaker (Sangsun) tries to build a unique relationship with Kyung-hee and her son by making a film about their lives.

Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2018
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, 2018
- 10 finalists in the Best Mini Documentary competition
- Academy Award Qualifying Category

Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts, 2018

- Best of Competition Award
RiverRun International Film Festival 2018
- Academy Award Qualifying Category

Columbus International Film & Video Festival, 2018

ETHNOCINECA - International Documentary Film Festival Vienna, 2018

- Nominated for the International Shorts Award (ISA)
Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival, 2018
Wisconsin Film Festival, 2018

Unfinished Legacy

​Documentary, 18 min U.S.A.

Brema, a 17-year old African street artist living in Milwaukee asks Sangsun, a 30-year old Korean stranger, “Who has it worse in the United States, an African male or an Asian male?” Even though Sangsun, the documentary’s director, doesn’t know the exact answer, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Brema.


NYC Independent Film Festival, 2015
Wisconsin Film Festival, 2015
Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival, 2015​
- ​Honorable Mention for JEAN ROUCH Award
Korea Broadcasting System, 2015

Snow Bird

Experimental Film, 6 minutes, U.S.A.

This dance film is a fairy tale about a snow bird which is born in Winter. The bird has lost her way in the forest so due to her confusion and loneliness, she would like to return to the egg, however, the egg is already broken. There is no way for her to get out of the forest and she doesn't know where to go. What she can do is just dance while waiting for something invisible to guide her.

Greensboro Dance Film Festival, 2016
Milwaukee Short Film Festival, 2016