Filmmaker | Photographer | Professor

Sangsun Choi is a visual storyteller whose work focuses on an ethnographic approach to social minorities and vulnerable people. His documentary and photograph explore not only the value of truth but also an artistic representation of human life. Originally from South Korea, he has made dozens of work about child labor, North Korean defector, war refugees, people with disabilities, and immigrants.

He has collaborated with various NGOs, such as Compassion and Jiguchon Welfare Foundation, to shed light on the life of underprivileged people. Choi has presented his work at film festivals worldwide including Athens International Film and Video Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, RiverRun International Film Festival, Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, ETHNOCINECA-International Documentary Film Festival Vienna. He is the Best of Festival-King Foundation Award winner at the Broadcast Education Association Festival in 2020. He is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication & Media at Kennesaw State University.